Papyrus Library

This blog will highlight our experiences at starting and running a library on our own. All the things we've learnt from this will be posted here to help us and others who choose to follow the path of entrepreneurship.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Talk with jeevan uncle

Todays talk with jeevan uncle was inspiring. The points he made... in a nutshell.
1) Set up a structure, a working system, that can be wasily passed on, and easily scalable.
2) Work as a non-profit organisation, for IISc, and set up a trust/a joint account to manage the funds.
3) Keep your accounts transparent. People should know how much money came in, and where it went.
4) Get books of tomorrow, to IISc today. Do some research on what books are the in thing around the world.

I believe this project of ours will take off people! great job u all! cheers to The Papyrus Library!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Update mails

I believe we should send fortnightly mails to all members and prospective members asking them about which books they would like to see on the catalogue. I guess there are many who would like to join but are not doing so due to unavailability of certain books.